Items (Inventory) - Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods (DG) 

Dangerous Goods information can be found within the Items tab. This is where you can see the Dangerous Goods, also known as "DG", data we have for them. This is important because legally you, the merchant, are responsible for being compliant with the DG rules and regulations and they should make sure we have the information for DG labels correct. You can edit the information if needed.


The most common Dangerous Goods items DCL manages is lithium batteries.

  • New Columns not mentioned before

    • Battery Cat – This will be either a Metal or Ion battery.

    • Battery Config

      • CNT – Contained in. Meaning is the battery in the product we are shipping.

      • PCK – The batter is packed together with other batteries.

      • SKU – Battery only.

      • Battery Type –

        • BTT –

        • CBT –

        • CCN –

      • Q. Per PKG – how many batteries per unit.

      • U. Per Carton – how many units per inner carton.

      • U. Per M. Carton – how may units per master carton.

    • Battery Spec Qty – What the watt/hour per battery.

    • Net Weight (g) – Net weight of Lithium battery in grams.

You can edit the information by click in the actions button.