Orders - Ship Details

Ship Details can be found within the Orders tab. It show shipped orders with Freight Dollars, Package ID information and Serial number information.



This will show orders at the box level along with tracking numbers and package ID. Below are columns that have not been mentioned yet that are under the freight column.

  • Package # - This is the Box ID. We assign a box ID to every box that we ship. This helps identify box fees, Pick fees and what is shipped in each box.

  • Freight – This is the amount of freight the seller is responsible for. This amount does include the customer's contracted discount.

  • Actual weight – This is the weight of the box when it is weighted at the manifest station.

  • Insurance – This value comes from the customer in the order.

  • Rate Weight – this is the rated weight based on actual weight or Dim weight

  • Dimension- This is the dimension of the box we are shipping

  • Sort Functions –Are the same as other sections of eFactory


This gives order information at the package level. Here you can see what parts actually shipped in each box. Column meanings are the same as other sections of eFactory. No new columns here.

  • Serial/Lot# - This section is similar to the Package level but it will include a serial or lot#. New column listed below.

    • Serial/LOT# - This column will list the serial number lot number scanned at the verify station.

  • Customer DOCS – This section shows folders where different documents for the customer can be stored, uploaded and downloaded. It’s a shared file section.

  • Bill of ladings – If a customer requires us to store BOL’s. They can be stored here.

  • Return Etags – If a customer wants us to store copies of Etags, they can be stored here.

  • Routing instructions – Routing guides for B2B Retailers will be store here.

  • Resources – This will be a link to guides and information to our customers like webinars. It Good to show this to customers.


  • This Section will give you information for items.

  • Left side of the screen shows your item information, Receipt information, Assembly jobs, Returns information and Customer Docs.


This section will give you items status. The columns headers are similar to the item section in the Overview.

  • Q on Hand – Physical Quantity on hand.

  • Q on Hold – Parts that are on hold.

  • Q on FF – Units committed to sellers shipping orders in DCL's shipping system.

  • Q comm. – These are items committed to Work orders and Sales orders within the DCL  system (different than the shipping system).

  • Q in Proc. - When an order ships, the part number required moves from FF commitment to PROC commitment. Q in PROC stands for in-process. After order ships, there is no longer an FF order commitment and there is a slight delay of no more than 5 minutes before the stock is deducted from ON HAND.

  • Q Net Available - This is the net available. It subtracts ON HOLD, COMM, PROC, FF from the ON HAND to arrive at the customer net available stock.

  • Open PO – This section shows open ASN’s the customer has created for incoming stock.

  • Open RMA – This section shows open RMA’s for RMA’s that are expected to come in.

  • Open WO – This section shows open WO’s that were are building that are not completed yet.

  • Line Type – This is the stocking line type when a part number is created. Normally you will see “S” for Stock or “O” for obsolete (if you uncheck the OMIT OBSOLETE sort function).

  • CAT 1 and CAT 2 – optional sort functions that can be added when a part number is created in DCL's system.

  • CAT3 – Key item code will show here if the item is set up as a KEY item.

  • DCL Item Number – Our version of the customer part number that is created in E1

  • Sort Functions -

    • Warehouse- Where the stock is stored.

    • Flags – this shows reorder points, Key items, and shortages

  • Omit Zero qty – When this is checked it will not list parts that are out of stock.

  • Omit Obsolete – When this is checked it will not list parts that have been obsoleted.