How to change username, password, or delete user in eFactory.

Use Cases:

  • If you are in need of resetting your password, deleting inactive users, or adding a new user (reminder: there is a new license fee associated with adding a new user).

  • Please note: you must have administrator rights to be able to add, delete or modify an eFactory user.

Change a Username:

Login into eFactory using your credentials.

  • Go to the Services menu.

  • Use the drop down to select Administration Tasks.

  • Locate the username that you want modify.

  • Select Edit under the Actions column.

  • Hit Change User button.

  • Add the username you wish to use.

  • Select “Save Changes”

To change a user’s password:

In the same Administration Tasks areas:

  • Go to the username in question.

  • Select edit on the right column (under Actions).

  • Enter the new password.

  • Hit the blue “Change Password” button.

To delete a user:

  • Select the username.

  • Click the red box in the lower left corner.

  • Click “Confirm” to remove.