How to look up (and add new) eFactory licenses


Each DCL client is given a set number of eFactory licenses for free. Each subsequent user who is added incurs an additional fee.

How to Look up Your eFactory Licenses

Step 1:

  • Log into eFactory.

  • In the Services Tab, select Administration Tasks from the dropdown.



Step 2:

  • Select Licenses



This is where you will see how many free licenses you have available to be used.

You can also see how many total licenses are being used by your organization.

See the screen shot below as an example. In this example there are 14 seats total and 10 that are free. You can also see the monthly charge from the 4 additional seats.

How to add a license:

Step 1:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Users page and select the “Add User” button.

Step 2:

  • Create a username and password.

  • Select the permissions you wish to grant this user. (For example if you have a split account and you want the user to have permission to one site and not others, you need to expand the

  • Select the account visibility for this user as well.

  • Select the “Save Changes” box at the lower right corner when complete.

If you have trouble with this process, contact your account manager to help.