Glossary of DCL Acronyms & Terms


There are MANY acronyms and terms used at DCL on a daily basis. This will help the understandability of our systems.

Use Cases:

  • You will find the following acronyms and terms used commonly in conversation, emails, documents, and more.

Glossary of Acronyms and Terms:

AC- Account closed

API- Application Programming Interface (

ASN- Advanced Shipping Notice to a retailer that item has shipped

BTO- Billed to Order (up to 3 days on the floor)

CAR- Corrective Action Report

CARC- Corrective Action Report (Customer complaint). Taken care of within 24 hours

CARS- Corrective Action Report (Supplier complaint)

CRT- Customer Request Tracker

DG- Dangerous Goods

EDI- Electronic Data Interchange (used for B2B direct connection)

FA- First Article- Sample of finished product or first shipping order.

FIFO- First in, First Out

Fit Test- To validate that the shipper box is chosen is a fit for the customer supply goods.

IR- Incident Report

KP- Kit pulled

KPL- Kit Picking List

LIFO- Last in, First Out.

MTT- Material Transfer of Transaction

NPOC- New Product Origin Country

NPS- Net Promoter Score

OR- Order Request

PI- Physical Inventory

PNL- Profit & Loss report

POD- Proof of Delivery

PRS- Packaging Routing Slip

PSR- Purchase Requisition

QWI- Quality Work Instructions

SLA- Service Level Agreement (contract)

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SO- Sales Order (outbound shipping order)

SF- Sales Fulfillment (turnkey to consigned shipping order)

TRF- Transfer order

Turnkey- DCL buys it and sells back to customer when received

WO- Work Order

WR- Rework Work Order