Building Insurance Information: Louisville


Your insurance company will need specific information for the building that your product is stored in.

  • Either you or your insurance company can reach out to us when you need these building specifications (during integration and then annually after that).

Building Information:

Enterprise Building

6825 Enterprise Drive

Louisville KY 40214



Year of Construction Date:  2019

 Type of Construction:  Concrete Tilt-Up

 Total Stories: 2-Story

 Total building sq ft:  162,000 - Warehouse is 152,000 of this total space

 Any updates on the following system?  If yes, in which year?

a.       Roof:  No. No Updates. Original construction

b.       Plumbing System:  No Updates. Original construction.

c.       Heating System:  No Updates. Original construction.

d.       Wiring System:  No updates.  Original construction

 Sprinkler system? Wet System

 Fire Alarm System?  Yes.

 Burglar Alarm System?  Yes.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms? Yes.

Security Controls/Cameras: Yes - Inside and Outside

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