How to Request Routing Summary


In oder to request a routing summary for new vendor you have connected with you’ll need to provide the guidelines from the Retailer. The following steps will help with the requesting process.


Step 1:

Please answers the following questions:

  • Who is the preferred shipper?

  • Is this to ship internationally?

  • Is DCL going to do the routing?

  • Collect or Prepaid?

  • Are the shipments going to be LTL or parcel shipments?  

  • Is double stacking of pallets going to be required?

  • Do we need to ship display packs?

  • EDI or Non-EDI?

Step 2:

Send an email request, with the above information plus a routing summary, to your account manager.

Step 3:

Your account manager and the DCL team will review the routing summary with you. You’ll need to approve and sign a copy.

Step 4:

The team will then meet with the fulfillment team to execute.

If corrections are needed your account manager will reach out with modifications to be approved by you.