April 2022 - USPS Issues New Fees and UPS Fuel Rate Increase

USPS New Fees

Both of the new fees listed below apply to many, but not all commercial services.

Dimensional Noncompliance

The USPS has introduced new fees that apply to packages exceeding certain dimension thresholds. They take effect April 3, 2022 (they were announced in November 2021). These are new fees added for larger items or if the dimensions of the package are incorrect or not disclosed.

The Dimension Noncompliance Fee will add $1.50 to packages that exceed 22” in length or 1 cubic foot.

Nonstandard Fees

For items that are a nonstandard size, USPS will apply fees depending on the dimensions. The Nonstandard Fees will be between $4.00 – $15.00 added to packages that exceed 22” in or 2 cubic feet.

  • Length fee applies to items >22” in length

  • Cube fee applies to items >2 cubic feet

Please note: all carriers that utilize USPS for the last mile will mimic this new fee structure (i.e. Pitney Bowes, DHLeC).

UPS Raises Fuel Surcharges

Beginning April 11, 2022 the UPS Ground and Air fuel surcharges will increase by 1.75 points.

In January of this year, the fuel surcharges were between 13.50-15.75% (Ground) and 15.00-17.25% (Air) but with the new increase, they will be between 15.25-17.50% (Ground) and 16.75-19.00% (Air).