Commercial Invoice Template (International Shipping)

International shipping is very complex. We recommend you work with an expert who understands the regulations that are specific to the regions where you ship.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

  • Every shipment needs proper international documentation to clear customs and border checks. (both export and import checks)

  • Most basically, the information on a Commercial Invoice (CI) includes what the products are (classification, also known as HTS code), where they are manufactured (origin), and where they are going (destination).

  • There are basic required items, but some countries may have additional requirements.

How do I put together a Commercial Invoice?

  • DCL customers are responsible for collecting and providing all accurate information required on a CI.

  • Once all information is collected the detail will be updated by the DCL team.

Commercial Invoice Basic Requirements

  • Company Name/ Website

  • Item description

  • Country of Origin

  • HTS Code

  • ECCN

  • Quantity

  • Unit Price

  • Extended Price

  • Ship-To Info

  • Bill-To Info

  • Custom Clearance Info

  • Incoterms (this is very important and must be specified, include where liability transfers from exporter to importer)

Here is a Commercial Invoice Template

Further terms and detail about Commercial Invoices can be found on

International Order Mapping Basics (UPS, FedEx, DHL Express only)

This communicates who will pay shipping duties and/or taxes.

International Shipping is complicated and regulations change by country and by carrier. The best way to ensure your international shipments are optimized for efficiently and cost-effectively is to work with your transportation team. If you have questions beyond these simple definitions, reach out to your DCL operations team.