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Request for a New EDI Connection
Request for a New EDI Connection

Details on how to request a new retail EDI integration

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DCL has the ability to do a direct retail EDI connection to automatically receive and fulfill retail orders. All orders and supporting documents received would be managed within DCL's system and the status of those orders are viewable in eFactory.

Requirements for a new EDI request

  • The customer must have a signed retail agreement with an accompanying vendor ID

  • Fill out the EDI request form

  • Completed required EDI documents uploaded in the request form

Request Form Questions and Explanations

  • Who is the retailer you would like to connect with?

  • Do you have a signed agreement with the retailer with a valid vendor ID number assigned?

    • This is required for us to start the integration process

  • Do you have a current EDI connection for this retailer? If so who is the EDI provider and what is the timeline to switch to DCL?

  • Expected first Purchase Order (PO) date?

    • This will help us understand your timeline and plan accordingly.

  • EDI specifications or URL with login and password with access for DCL.

    • As part of your agreement with the retailer, the retailer will provide you with their EDI requirements, including the EDI documents they will be exchanging with our system.

  • Provide a full product listing with the retailer cross-reference table if applicable.

  • Provide a full Retailer ordering profile by unit or inner/master carton if applicable.

  • Completed DCL EDI setup application - Required sections II, III, & EDI trading partner catalog. The document can be found in the request form or below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the response time from DCL once the EDI request and Setup Application have been received?

    • DCL will respond to you within 3-5 business days once received.

  • Is there a list of retailers that DCL does business with?

    • DCL works with several retailers and the list can be found in the New EDI Request Form. If the retailer you wish to onboard isn't on the list please select other and provide the retailer name.

  • What is the difference between EDI direct with DCL and indirect EDI with DCL.

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