2023 Peak: Days of Operations

Operating days for 2023 peak season

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Below is the 2023 DCL holiday operations calendar—it includes days DCL is open and shipping during the holidays, plus noted are the associated fees that may be incurred on certain days for peak season fulfillment.

Weekend Fees for Priority Orders

While our standard fulfillment and shipping days are Monday through Friday, we’ll be operating 7 days a week at some facilities during peak season. This is to ensure we can keep up with order demand and minimize any backlog. This does not guarantee we’ll ship your product on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Orders you would like us to prioritize and process on the weekends will incur an additional fulfillment fee; this service needs to be requested through your Account Manager.

Operations Calendar for 2023 Holidays

  • 📦 = Standard ship day

  • 📦 + green = Fee for priority shipments

  • ❌ = facility is closed for the day

  • [blank] = days we may operate

Peak Season FAQs

  1. What days will the carriers pick up?

    1. Monday through Friday

    2. Saturday pickups for most carriers

    3. There are no pickups on Sundays or designated holidays. Orders processed (picked, packed, and shipping label applied) on Sunday or designated holiday will be picked up by the carrier the following business day.

  2. DCL shipped, but my order is not “moving” according to eFactory or tracking details.

    1. During peak season, we expect there will be some delays in carrier processing packages that are picked up from our facilities. DCL will pick, pack, and apply the appropriate carrier label but we do not have control over when the carrier processes the packages or how their tracking details are updated.

    2. On Sundays and holidays, DCL will process (pick, pack, and manifest) orders for carrier pick-ups. However, the carriers will not pick up until the following “work” day.

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