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Shopify Overview
Written by Maureen
Updated over a week ago

General Overview

DCL Logistics integrates with most online storefronts, including Shopify. DCL has built a Shopify app to allow our customers to seamlessly integrate with DCL’s fulfillment platform.


Integration with Shopify

To integrate with Shopify, search for DCL in the Shopify App Store. The DCL Logistics application for Shopify will show up in the list. It is integrated with DCL’s API.

When you find DCL’s API, simply click or tap the “Get” button, then enter your account settings that were provided to you during integration.

The following diagram shows an example of an order flow that is integrated with Shopify and DCL.


Once the Shopify integration has been completed and orders are live, order data can be viewed in DCL’s eFactory website.

DCL’s eFactory website gives you transparency to all fulfillment activities in our facility from inventory levels to order levels, including details such as tracking and freight costs.

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