New Features & Software Updates Log

A chronological list of new features and updates customers have access to in eFactory, DCL platforms, and service offerings in general.

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Browse a list of features and updates as they are published and made available to DCL customers.

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7/21/2023 Inventory by Warehouse Summary View — When in the inventory section of eFactory, sort stock levels of your most important products by facility.

6/5/2023 Interactive Support Content in eFactory — DCL customers can leverage the AI-powered chat feature within eFactory to get answers for many services, processes, and eFactory functions.

5/26/2023 Delivery Exception Reports Now in eFactory — Previously delivery exception data was emailed to customers upon request. Delivery exception reports are viewable in eFactory and can be scheduled to emailed to you anytime. Check it out.

5/26/2023 Transit Times in eFactory — Shipment delivery times are now accessible in eFactory—track transit time metrics across various carriers and services. Start tracking.

5/19/2023 Multi Region Fulfillment into Canada — Packages shipping into Canada can now be programmed to ship from the DCL fulfillment center closes to the destination address. Make the change.

5/1/2023 Ecommerce SKU Cross Reference — If you have SKUs that are different in your ecommerce store than at DCL, here’s how you can establish a cross reference record. Set it up.

4/28/2023 Ecommerce SKU Cross Reference — Create a cross-reference item record(s) from an ecommerce store SKU to DCL SKU. Read the details Read the details.

3/15/2023 Customer Information for Amazon Orders — Personally identifiable information (PII) data for Amazon Seller Central orders will automatically be deleted from DCL systems after 30 days of the order being shipped. Effective April 1, 2023. Get more info.

3/15/2023 Cancel stage 10 orders via DCL’s API — This new feature allows you automate order cancellations that have already been imported into DCL system. This does not apply to orders that have progressed past stage 10.

3/3/2023 Split Inventory by Net Available — Shift inventory allocation based on inventory available. Customers can opt-in to have orders routed to a warehouse based on the inventory on-hand. Read eligibility requirements.

2/24/2023 Shipping Rates in eFactory — Annual shipping carrier rates can now be found in eFactory. Get the specifics.

11/12/2023 Customer Notifications in eFactory — The DCL team will now be sending alerts and notifications through eFactory. These will be important messages that may impact DCL’s clients and their businesses.

10/11/2022 Create an ASN Through DCL's API (POST api/v1/PO_notifications) — This new feature allows you to have multiple parts or even the same part number arrive on different days. Get more information.

9/29/2022 Virtual bundling — Bundles designate a group of items or components included in a single package (or “line”) on an order. Start setting up a bundle.

9/12/2022 Freight invoices in eFactory — Previously freight invoices were emailed as a hard copy. Find your monthly freight invoices in eFactory. Check it out.

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