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How to Request New Routing Guide Summary
How to Request New Routing Guide Summary

The detailed process for requesting DCL to create a routing guide summary.

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In order to request a Routing Guide Summary for a new retailer, you will need to follow the steps below and provide the Routing Guide to your DCL account team.

How Long Will Routing Guide Summary Take to Complete?

The turnaround time to complete a Routing Guide Summary is approximately 14 days once all information is received from the customer. This includes most back and forth needed to edit and approve a final routing guide summary.

Customers need to start the process of creating a routing guide summary at least three months in advance of first shipment.

Steps to Request a Routing Guide Summary

Step 1: Collect answers to the following

  • Target first ship date?

  • What is the retailer shipment type?

    • Retailer Store

    • Distribution Center

    • Distribution Center/Consolidator

    • Ecommerce or ".com" shipping to Distribution Center

    • Ecommerce or ".com" shipping to Retailer Store

  • Domestic or International?

    • What country are shipments shipping to?

    • What are the Incoterms?

    • Who is the Importer of Record, if applicable?

  • Will orders be sent through EDI?

    • If so, will DCL be the EDI provider?

  • Order type?

    • Small Parcel

    • LTL

    • TL

  • Freight terms?

    • Prepaid (DCL pays freight)

    • Collect (Retailer pays freight)

    • 3rd Party (Customer/Other pays freight)

  • Who will do routing?

    • DCL

    • Customer

  • Preferred carrier, if not included in routing guide?

  • Shipping full customer cartons?

  • Are there inner cartons?

  • Is it okay to double stack pallets, if required?

  • Do all units have scannable UPCs?

  • Do all units have COO (Country of Origin)?

  • Is there product in polybags?

  • Is there liquid product?

  • Are there expiration dates on the product?

  • Are there Lot Numbers on the product?

Step 2: Submit Your Request

Step 3: Approve and Finalize

  • Your Account Manager and the DCL team will create a Routing Guide Summary.

  • Once the summary is created and reviewed with the team, the summary will be sent to you for review.

  • You will need to approve the routing guide summary

    • If corrections are needed, email your account manager with necessary modification and the DCL team will review and update as needed.

  • Your Account Manager will resent the updated summary for your review and approval.

  • Approved summary is posted and will become the controlled document to use for shipping.

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