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To get started with EDI at DCL Logistics, you will simply need you to collect the necessary data to complete the EDI Setup Application. The EDI Setup Application will ask you for your DCL Account Information and your trading partners technical contact information.

Please have all the documentation and details for your trading partner ready when you get started with the EDI setup application process to facilitate the process of getting started.

Based on the information that you provide in the EDI Setup Application, DCL Logistics will determine which EDI documents or forms need to be configured for EDI processing. A complete setup application will ensure that DCL has the necessary details to handle the technical requirements for working with your specified trading partner.

The EDI Setup Application is located on the last page of this document. If you are interested in using EDI with DCL, please have your trading partner information ready, complete the setup application, and submit the completed EDI Setup Application to your DCL designated Account Manager.

DCL’s EDI Central Website

DCL’s eFactory website includes a link to EDI Central in the top menu navigation. EDI Central gives you transparency to EDI activities with your trading partner.

Once the EDI integration has been completed, you will be provided with a login to DCL’s EDI Central website. If you are logged into the eFactory website, it will automatically log you into the EDI Central website using the link. Upon login, you will have access to the Overview screen, presenting a summary of your EDI orders.

Using DCL’s EDI Central’s Website

In addition to the Overview screen, EDI Central will provide you Order History for EDI activities, which you can filter by Trading Partner, search using date parameters, PO or Order number, and or sort by field name.

Advance Shipment Notifications are listed in the ASN section, confirming acknowledgment.

Invoice, Remittance, Product Activity, Planning Schedule and Trading Partner menu selections are listed in the EDI Central website:

DCL’s EDI Setup Application

The EDI Setup Application is on the last page of this guide. The setup application is relatively simple once you have identified your retailer (also known as a vendor), your vendor’s trading partner and have collected the necessary information regarding your vendor’s trading partner.

Section I is to be completed by your DCL Account Manager. You do not need to complete this section.

Section II is to be completed by you. You will need to provide the information for the Invoice (810) setup, which will identify your vendor’s trading partner name, vendor number, contact information along with a few other questions.

Section III is to be completed by DCL’s Information Technology department. It lists all the document forms, including the most commonly documents by DCL, which are the 810 Invoice, 850 Purchase Order, 997 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, 856 Advance Shipment Notification, and 860 Purchase Order Change.

Please complete the setup application found on the last page of this guide and submit it to your DCL designated Account Manager and email to: [email protected]


In conclusion, by reading this guide you will receive a general understand of EDI and an introduction to using EDI with DCL Logistics.

As noted, the EDI Setup application is found on the following page of this guide. Please complete Section I only and submit the application to your DCL designated Account Manager and email to: [email protected]

For additional background information and history on EDI, you may refer to the EDI Wikipedia page: Electronic data interchange

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