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Building Insurance Information: Acacia
Building Insurance Information: Acacia
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Your insurance company will need specific information for the building that your product is stored in.

  • Either you or your insurance company can reach out to us when you need these building specifications (during integration and then annually after that).

Building Information:

ACACIA Building

1540 E. Acacia St, Building B

Ontario, CA 91761

Year of Construction Date: 1998

Type of Construction: Concrete Tilt-Up

Total Stories: 1-Story

Total building sq ft: ±77,512 SF (leased SF) of a ±185,023 SF (total compound SF)

Total rented office Sq feet: ±4,000

Any updates on the following system? If yes, in which year?

  • Roof: Roof Maintenance coating applied in 2016

  • Plumbing System: No Updates. Original construction.

  • Heating System: New Office HVAC

  • Wiring System: No updates. Original construction

Sprinkler system? ESFR upgraded to K-17 heads.

Fire Alarm System? Yes.

Burglar Alarm System? Yes.

Security Controls and Upkeep: Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, 3rd party security during business hours, Roof Maintenance coating applied in 2016, New Office HVAC. In addition, DCL’s Emergency Plan, Security Policy, and Business Continuity Plan apply to this site.

There is a contract in place between DCL and the Customer

DCL is the sole tenant of the DC

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