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How to Cancel an Order Using DCL's Shopify Ecommerce Plugin
How to Cancel an Order Using DCL's Shopify Ecommerce Plugin

Simple steps to follow to cancel an order in Shopify and verify it's been cancelled in eFactory.

Written by DCL Support
Updated over a week ago

If you are connected to DCL using our Shopify ecommerce plugin you now can request cancelation through Shopify of an order imported into eFactory.

How do I cancel the order?

Step 1: Cancel Order within Shopify

Locate the order you wish to cancel within your Shopify platform.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Select "Request cancelation" from the drop down menu.

Once you have requested cancellation, our system will accept the request within 10 minutes regardless of the order stage in eFactory.

Once DCL has accepted the request you will see the "Cancel order" option in Shopify.

Step 2: Validate the Cancellation in eFactory

To complete the cancellation, you must is validate the cancelation within the DCL system.

Log into eFactory and navigate to your orders dashboard, locate your order by using the quick search option select your order.

If the order stage is 10 "Order Received" the order will be cancelled and noted in the shipping instructions of the order.

If the order stage is greater than 10 "Order Received" but less than or equal to 40 "Fully Verified" the order will be placed on hold within eFactory and the shipping instructions updated to note the request for cancelation.

Confirming Your Order Has Been Cancelled

DCL will send an email notification within 10 minutes of the request to the customer support email programmed within our plugin notifying you to contact your customer support team to cancel the order.

That email will look like the screen shot below:

Cancellation Outcomes for Various Order Stages

The outcome of a request to cancel an order will vary depending on the stage of the order. are in different stages they will have different outcomes when

  1. Order Stage 10 "Order Received" the order will be cancelled in eFactory.

  2. Order stage between 20 "Pick List Printed" and 40 "Fully verified" the order will not be automatically cancelled, it will be placed on hold with the request noted on the order and the email will be sent notifying you to reach out to your customer support team.

  3. Order stage 50 "Partially Shipped" or 60 "Fully Shipped" will not be cancelled nor placed on hold as the order has been partially or fully shipped. An email notification will still be generated notifying you to contact your customer Support Team.

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