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Releasing Orders on Hold
Releasing Orders on Hold

Instructions on how to release orders from hold in eFactory so they can be fulfilled

Written by DCL Support
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Orders may be placed on hold for a variety of reasons. The customer has the ability to release orders from the hold status within eFactory.

Scenarios orders are put on hold

  • EDI Orders received through DCL will automatically be placed on hold

  • Orders with special requests or requirements

  • Customer requirement

How to release orders from hold

Step 1: Go to the Orders section

Navigate to the On Hold

Step 2: Go to the Orders section

Select the order you wish to release from hold, on the order detail page. Once verified, click on the Action button on the top right corner and click "Put Off hold" to release it for fulfillment.

Confirm the action to remove the hold, if don't wish to proceed to remove the hold you can cancel the request.

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