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How to Log in to eFactory & How to Change Your Password
How to Log in to eFactory & How to Change Your Password

How to login to the DCL fulfillment and order management platform, eFactory.

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Your initial eFactory login credentials will be supplied at integration. One user from your team will be granted administrator level access. That user can then create new logins for other team members (see How to Add, Modify, Delete eFactory Users), and adjust access for each new user individually.

How to Log Into eFactory

  1. Go to: (also, you can access it via

  2. Enter your the login credentials given to you by either the administrator of your account or by DCL.

  3. You are now in eFactory.

For help on how to use eFactory please see the many user guides and eFactory help articles.

Having Trouble Logging In?

If you have any issues, please contact your account manager. Please try to be as detailed as you can when describing the issue. It will help DCL determine the issue.

How to Change Your eFactory Password

πŸ“ Note: you must have administrative access to change passwords.

  1. While in eFactory, navigate to to Services drop down, select Administration Task.

  2. Go to the username in question and select edit.

  3. Select change password and save.

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