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How to Mass Upload Multiple Orders to eFactory
How to Mass Upload Multiple Orders to eFactory

Two methods for uploading multiple orders to eFactory at once.

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Mass uploading multiple orders can be very useful as it eliminates the need to enter orders individually, ultimately saving you time. Below are two methods.

Mass Upload Use Case

A customer has not established electronic integration with DCL through channels such as API, EDI, or ecommerce and needs to enter multiple orders manually.

Steps to Mass Upload Orders in eFactory

Step 1: Orderpoints Tab

Once you are logged into eFactory, click on Orderpoints. Then select Mass Upload.

Step 2: Fill out an Excel Template

Please download one of the two available Excel templates found in eFactory.

Using Template 1

  • All order information is in one excel row.

  • The blue font indicates mandatory fields.

The Help Tab (see screen shot below) will give you hints on what each field means and if the field is required or not.

In Template 1 you will add each part number you want to ship as a header in the Excel file.

Once you have provided all the necessary details, the header should display the part number(s) as shown below. The quantity of items to be shipped is indicated under each part number on each line.

Using Template 2

  • Order information is on multiple excel rows.

  • Each excel row represents a line item that is shipping.

  • The Blue font indicates mandatory fields.

For Template 2, please input each part number being shipped on a separate row. Please refer to the example below:

Step 3: Verify your file

Once you have filled out the template, you can verify that all the required information has been added and the file is ready to submit to the production site.

Drag and drop you file to the “Drop files here or click to upload box”

If you have any errors in your file, the system will let you know and list the error for you to correct.

NOTE: if you have multiple errors, the system will only list one error at time. You will need to fix each error and reverify until all the errors are fixed.

Once you fix the error or errors, the system will say “success”

Step 4: Post the file to production

Click on the Production button and drag and drop your file. Thats it! You are all done.

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