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How to Track Undeliverable Orders
How to Track Undeliverable Orders

Steps to find and track undeliverable orders in eFactory

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Undeliverables are packages that come back to the DCL warehouse because they cannot be delivered to the destination address. These are distinctly different than an RMA (or returned merchandise) and the status of undeliverables is not found within ReturnTrak (where RMAs are found). Undeliverables can be found in the Items section of eFactory

Use Cases

You may get undeliverable shipments for numerous reasons. Some include: customs issues, an incorrect destination address, consignee refusal to sign for the package, damage or improper packaging, label damage, unsuccessful delivery attempts, and more.

📌 Reminder: Undeliverable orders are considered RMA and cannot be found in eFactory ReturnTrack

How to Find Your Undeliverable Orders in eFactory

  1. Select ‘Items’ at the top of the eFactory dashboard.

  2. Open the Returns tab, within the navigation column on the left side.

  3. Enter RMA # - original order number provide by customer

  4. Filter the following tabs accordingly:

  • WAREHOUSE – Filter for All

  • ISSUED DATE – Filter for Clear

  • P RECEIPT DATE – Filter for Clear

  • I RECEIPT DATE – Filter for Clear

  • RETURN STATUS – Filter for Received

  • RETURN TYPE – Filter for Undeliverables

Scheduling an Undeliverables Report in eFactory:

If you want to receive automated emails with your undeliverables status, you can schedule an eFactory report. To do so:

  1. Click on ALL COLUMNS in upper right corner.

  2. Click ‘Schedule report’

  • The report can be sent to you daily or monthly.

  • You can select the day and time you want the report to be sent.

  • There are three formats to choose from: excel, csv, or zip file.

  • The report can be emailed or sent to the FTP.

  • The report can be sent to just one person or as many as you would like.

3. Then filter the options according to your needs.

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