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Shipment Delivery Times in eFactory
Shipment Delivery Times in eFactory

Track shipping transit times in eFactory across various carriers and services.

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Shipment delivery and transit times are viewable in eFactory. Check metrics across various carriers and services, anytime. Filter results by shipped date range, origin warehouse, account, carrier, or service.

How to View Delivery Times in eFactory

  1. Log into eFactory and select the customer account you wish to see Delivery Times for.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Analytics menu.

  3. On the left side panel, select Delivery Times.

  4. The Delivery Times panel will appear.

  5. From here, use the filters at the top to set criteria, as desired.

  6. Once the criteria is set, select Run Report to update the panel.

  7. Results may be printed or downloaded by selecting the corresponding buttons next to the RUN REPORT button.

Delivery Times are a great way to compare customer experience by carrier and service.

What are delivery times?

Delivery Times are the industry standard metric, across all carriers, to determine how many days in transit a parcel takes to deliver to the customer. Delivery Times are measured in business days.

Why are delivery times important?

Whichever shipping services you use, understanding your Delivery Time metrics will allow you to set customer expectations at the time of purchase and may reduce inquiries from customers looking for their shipments. For example, some services, like UPS Next Day Air, have a guaranteed delivery time expectation. Other services do not. Services with guaranteed delivery times are generally premium services, while others are considered standard services.

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