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Where are My Freight Rates? Find Detailed Shipping Rates in eFactory
Where are My Freight Rates? Find Detailed Shipping Rates in eFactory

Easily locate your shipping rates information within eFactory. Including specific to your carrier, service, plus any DCL shipping discounts.

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To find your custom detailed shipping rates, log into eFactory and follow this path:

Services > Administration Tasks > Invoices > Rate Cards

Where do I Find My Shipping Rates?

Customers with admin access can view your shipping rates at any time. The rate card is only accessible by eFactory users that have administrative access.

When you log in to eFactory, please follow the following path:

Services > Administration Tasks > Invoices > Rate Cards

You can download your rate card to obtain a hard copy at anytime.

What Shipping Information is in eFactory?

Each year, shipping carriers increase their rates in January. The DCL Logistics Transportation Team creates a Rate Card specific to each customer. It reflects the annual carrier rate increases plus any DCL shipping discounts.

Note, the rate cards found in eFactory are estimates using the carrier and services you use, they do not include any potential adjustments or surcharges.

  1. Your Custom Net Rate
    Your net shipping rates is a combination of the carrier base rates with your DCL discounts.
    Please note these net rate tables are estimates only. Net rate tables exclude all potential surcharges except for fuel where applicable (common examples of surcharges: signature required, residential, delivery area surcharge, and more). Fuel changes on a weekly basis.

  2. Common Surcharge Rates
    There are a few common surcharge rates listed in the lower left corner of the rate table page. In this section you may see surcharges listed that do not apply to you; conversely there may be surcharges applied to your shipping services that are not listed here.
    Surcharges may change based on the carrier’s discretion.

More About the 2024 Annual Rate Increases

Annual rate increases affect each shipper differently. They are generalized increases that may or may not have an impact on your overall shipping costs. Please note that these increases are for base rates only, they do not include any surcharge increases.


Effective Date

Average Rate Increase


December 26, 2023



January 1, 2024



January 21, 2024



January 21, 2024


Pitney Bowes

December 31, 2023



January 1, 2024



January 7, 2024


When Will the New Annual Shipping Rates be Posted?

The base shipping rates for 2024 are currently in effect now. The next time they will be updated is likely next January when carriers adjust their rates again.

Most annual rate increases start in January of the year they take effect, although dates will vary each year. Surcharge rates may change, and our transportation team will make updates as necessary.

Our team will send out updates when we have adjusted the eFactory rate cards for each new annual rate increase.

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