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How to Edit, Delete, or Disable a Scheduled Report in eFactory
How to Edit, Delete, or Disable a Scheduled Report in eFactory
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If you have a report scheduled through eFactory, you have the option to change the frequency, format, and email recipients of the report. You can also delete or disable a scheduled report if needed.

How to find your scheduled report

  1. Log onto eFactory, then go to Analytics and choose scheduled reports.

  2. Find the report you want to edit and click on the edit icon, which looks like three small lines in the report row.

  3. Once you select the edit icon, you can edit, delete, disable, or export a copy of the report.

What does EDIT, DELETE, DISABLE, and Export mean?

  • EDIT - In EDIT, you have the ability to adjust the frequency at which the report is delivered, select your preferred delivery method, and update the email addresses that receive the report.

  • DELETE - When you select DELETE, the report will be deleted and you will no longer have access to it. If you ever need the same report you will have to recreate it from "How to Create a Customer eFactory Report".

  • ENABLE or DISABLE a report - If you don't want to delete a report but stop it from sending, select DISABLE. If the report is already disabled and you want to enable it then you will see ENABLE.

  • Export To - To obtain a current copy of the report, simply select the "Export to" option. However, please keep in mind that this will not provide a copy of the previous report. Instead, it will generate the report based on the criteria at the time of export. For instance, if it is currently July 15th and you have an "Items Shipped Today" report that runs daily, and the last report shows data from July 14th, exporting the report today will not give you the July 14th report. Rather, it will provide you with the current report for July 15th, showing the items that have been shipped today.

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