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What are the Current Fuel Surcharges for Each Major Carrier?
What are the Current Fuel Surcharges for Each Major Carrier?

Fuel surcharges and fuel base rates change regularly based on the market price of fuel. This article lists fuel surcharge resources.

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Fuel surcharges are an additional fees that shipping carriers add on top of their base fuel rates. Fuel surcharges are calculated from the carrier’s base fuel rate and applied to some shipping services but not others.

How are Fuel Surcharges Calculated?

Each carrier calculates fuel rates and fuel surcharges differently. DHL, for example, calculates its base fuel rate monthly, whereas FedEx and UPS calculate theirs on a weekly or biweekly basis.

While they all take cue from the market cost of crude oil, diesel fuel, and overall cost of transportation, each carrier starts with a different base fuel rate, and they all have a slightly different surcharge percentage. While most carriers try to remain in competition with the others (fuel surcharges don’t vary too widely between them), there are some services that may be affected more with one carrier and less with another.

A List of Updated Fuel Surcharge Charts

This list may be amended or augmented by the carrier without notice.


Accessorial Services Affected by Fuel Surcharge

Rate Change Resource


Delivery Charges

Pickup Charges

Remote/Extended Delivery and Pickup Charges

Residential Surcharge

Return Services w/ Pickup

Saturday Delivery and Pickup

Signature Required Services

Additional Handling, Large Package and Over Maximum Limits

Oversize Pallet Handling Surcharge

Peak/Demand Surcharges


Additional handling,

Broker select option fee

Courier pickup

Delivery area surcharge

Delivery reattempt

Extended service area delivery/pickup

Delivery Signature Options

Metro service area delivery/pickup International out-of-delivery-area

International out-of-pickup-area International Premium® pickup


Residential delivery/pickup

Return on-call pickup


Saturday delivery/pickup

Any temporary surcharge(s) currently in effect

DHL eCommerce




Passport Shipping




Note: USPS is the only carrier that doesn't charge fuel surcharge on shipments.

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