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Transaction Codes and Their Meaning
Transaction Codes and Their Meaning

Decipher the codes found in the "Trans.Type" column of eFactory.

Written by Maureen
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Have you ever wondered what all those crazy transaction codes mean? You have seen them, IC, IF, II etc. I am sure you are asking what do they all mean. Well, you have come to the right place. Below is the list of the transaction codes you will see in the “Trans.Type” column of eFactory.

Use Cases

You need to find out what happened to stock and want to see all the transactions. You need to know what came in and why and what went out and why.

Transaction Codes



Description 2


Item Cost Changes

Not Inventory Related


Completed W.O.`s To Inventory in the DCL owned stock location

This is a completed work order. The completed finished good gets received into DCL owned stock first.


Inventory Issue for FF Order

This is a deduction from an order that DCL ships out on behalf of our customers.


Inventory Issue

This is a miscellaneous deduction of inventory from the system.


Material Charged To W.O.`s

Raw material deducted from Inventory for use in a Work Order.


Inventory Receipt

Addition of stock to customer owned inventory that originated from DCL owned stock. For example, when you do a sales order to charged for Dangerous Good labels. The Sales order will deduct the stock from the turkey branch and the inventory department will need to manually add the stock to customer owned. The transaction code use is the IR.


Inventory Transfers

Transfer of stock from one inventory location to another inventory location.


Warehouse Transfer

Transfer of stock from the RMA department to good shippable stock.


Receiving Document

Inventory received from outside DCL, ie consigned material receipt, RMA and undeliverable receipt


Physical Inventory

Addition/Deduction of stock due to a Physical Inventory count



Inventory deduction from an internal Sales Order (E1 sales order).


Inventory Receipt

Addition of inventory due to a movement of stock from DCL owned to Customer owned


Inventory Adjustment

Addition/Deduction of stock due to a cycle count reconciliation


Component Scrap to WO's

If additional raw goods are needed for a work order due to damage or bad product, the additional stock is deducted using the IO code


Physical Inventory

Addition/Deduction of stock due to a Physical Inventory count


Inventory QTY only

Rarely used- Internal Warehouse to warehouse transfer

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