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How to Schedule a Physical Inventory (PI)
How to Schedule a Physical Inventory (PI)

To have DCL run a physical inventory count, you'll need to schedule it with our team in advance. Here are the steps to take.

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Many brands need to run a physical inventory count (PI) at certain times of the year, often in Q1. These events are labor intensive and require DCL to engage specialists from our inventory management team who are most familiar with processes and validation of transactions.

In order to schedule such an event, DCL requires clients to provide a full scope of the activity, multiple date options/flexibility, and sufficient time to allocate the resources necessary to schedule the project.

Below are the steps needed to schedule a PI with DCL.

How to Schedule a PI

1. Download and review this PI Scope of Work. If you have questions regarding any part of the form, please reach out to your account manager for help. It's important to fill it out completely so that the Inventory Control Team has a full scope of the project.

2. Send the filled-out form to your account manager. They will then review it with the Inventory Control Team. Once the scope is confirmed, your account manager will send you an estimate of the total labor hours that will be required to complete the project.

3. Upon approval of quotation and alignment of activity date(s), your account manager will then file a CRT to formally schedule the event, track any updates/documents, and aggregate actual labor and materials expended.

4. Upon completion of the Physical Inventory count activity, the CRT will be invoiced within the monthly billing cycle unless another arrangement is aligned.


How long will it be before I hear back about a potential PI date?

A response is expected within 48 hours.

How far in advance should I submit a request based on when I want a PI done?

Our schedule is first-come, first-served. Q1 is often a very busy time for physical inventory counts, so if you want to secure a specific date, it's important to reach out well in advance. We suggest starting the conversation with your account manager months in advance to ensure you arrive at the date selection that fits your needs.

How likely will I get the date I request?

There are many factors that affect scheduling. Advanced notice is key. We encourage you to select a few date options that will work for you when you submit a request.

How many days/hours does the PI usually take?

This hinges on a larger scope-of-work conversation with your account manager and our Inventory Team. DCL's aim is to close out each PI within four calendar days, maximum.

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