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How to Find and Read a Freight Invoice
How to Find and Read a Freight Invoice

All about your freight detail charges and where to find them within eFactory.

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In this article you'll find the following: where to find the freight invoice within eFactory, a description of the freight detail charges, and how to see the expanded detail within the invoice.

The detailed invoice can be found within eFactory β†’ Services β†’ Invoices

eFactory: Freight Charge Details

1. How to Navigate to the Freight Charge Details

Go to: Services > Administration Tasks > Invoices (left hand navigation) > Freight Charges

The Freight Charges section can only be viewed by eFactory users who have appropriate access. The access is controlled by the designated account administrator(s) at your company. Reference the eFactory user access article.

2. Freight Charge Detail Categories

Within the Freight Charge section, you can get a detailed breakdown of the various fees that make up your invoice price. The following categories are now included in the freight charge details.



Invoice price

Sum of all freight fees for each order that you are being billed for.

Transportation charge

The base carrier fee for shipment.

Fuel charge

Carrier fuel charges are dynamically calculated to account for the fluctuations in fuel costs.

Delivery area surcharge

Small parcel carrier fees for deliveries to higher cost-to-serve zip codes.

Residential fee

Residential shipping fees help cover the cost of the additional labor required when a carrier picks up or delivers a freight shipment to a non-commercial area.

Signature required fee

Fee if your package requires the carrier to collect a signature from the recipient.

Peak surcharge

Peak Season Surcharges (PSS) refer to temporary surcharges that major shipping carriers will apply to their base rate to cover increased operational costs during periods of high demand.

Government charges

Government fees collected for importing or exporting of goods.

Adjustment charges

Balance of fees charged from a past carrier invoice for the same shipment.

Residential adjustment charges

Balance of fees charged from a past carrier invoice for the same shipment.

Other charges

All major carriers have >100 different types of charges and outside of the most common fees listed above, the remaining are grouped here.


Open field managed by the DCL Transportation team.

3. Additional Order Details

You can expand the Freight Charge view to see additional order details. Select All Columns (see below)

Below is a list of additional order details.

  • Reference #: Includes Order # OR Return #

  • Tracking #: Carrier service tracking #

Note: The freight invoices were updated November 1, 2021. Freight bills previous to this do not reflect the above detail.


Why am I getting billed for a shipment from months ago?

It takes time for a carrier to invoice customers. Typically, domestic shipments are invoiced a week or two after shipment delivery. Internationally, it may take up to a month to several months.

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