Work Order (WO) Lead Times

What to expect when you submit a work order—steps to take and average timeline.

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If you are looking to add any value-added services to your fulfillment flow, first you need to submit a work order (WO). There are many reasons a WO might be needed to complete a project. Some examples include kitting, rework, or special labeling.

How Long Will it Take to Complete My Work Order (WO)?

A Work Order (WO) is a value-added service the we can provide for you.

Typically, if a work order has been previously built, all necessary parts are in stock, and the quantity is less than 1000 units, you can expect the parts to be ready for shipping within five days from the date of the request.

Factors That Affect Work Order Lead Time

  • A request for a WO that we have not done before. This could add 5-10 additional days, depending on the project's complexity.

  • Short materials. Additional days may be needed if there is a shortage of materials on hand. All stock items for work orders needs to be in-house a full day before a build will begin.

  • Is DCL procuring materials for the customer? Additional days will be needed based on the vendor's work order form. Expect minimum 5-10 additional days.

  • How many units need to be built or reworked. The scope of the project will greatly impact the timeline—more units equals more lead time for the work order.

  • All ready scheduled WOs that are on the assembly lines. If there are work orders that are scheduled to execute on the assembly lines, this may delay any future projects by a few additional days.

All of these factors, and more, should be discussed with your account manager when you submit your work order.

How do I Speed Up My Work Order?

There isn't a direct line to speeding up any project.

There are many factors (some outlined above) that can affect the time it takes to complete a work order. If there are procurement issues, inventory needs, or work that can be resolved prior to a work order being submission, this can help speed up the process.

Your account manager will help address most of these concerns and provide you with an actual timeline for your project on a case-by-case basis.

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