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Setting Up Your eFactory Homepage Dashboard
Setting Up Your eFactory Homepage Dashboard

Everything you need to know to customize your eFactory homepage dashboard.

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Your eFactory homepage dashboard provides you with a quick glance of all your key fulfillment metrics. The dashboard provides actionable data for your day-to-day business as well as short cuts to dive deeper into various aspects of eFactory. By default, the homepage dashboard has six sections, but each section can be easily customized.

In this article, you’ll find how to:

KPI Widgets

Choose from 12 customizable widgets that reside at the top of your homepage dashboard. These include:

  • Orders received today

  • Backorders

  • Shipped today

  • RMA units

Fulfillment Section

  • Shows current orders, back orders, shipped units, and more for the day for each account.

  • This section is separated by account number in the instance that a customer has multiple accounts. For example, DCL customers have separate B2B and B2C accounts.

  • If you click on each numbered result, it will take you to a more detailed view of that dataset.

30-day activity

  • Shows a chart of order receipts and shipped orders by day over the last 30 days

Key Inventory & Setup

This section will show products you want to track closely. This view will help you monitor stock levels of your most important products and prompt you to order more at predefined levels. You can sort this section by Key (K), Reorder(R), or even short parts (S).

What are Key Items, Reorder Items, or Short Items?

  • Key Items

    • Items can become Key items by adding a key item code to the part number.

    • Key items are identified by our customers as the most important part number they want to see.

    • Key Items are identified by a "K" under the flag column

    • Contact your Account Manager to set up a Key item

  • Reorder Items

    • DCL can add a reorder point to item numbers.

    • When a part number hits that reorder point, then it will show in this section.

    • Parts with a reorder point added to them are identified by an "R" under the flag column.

    • Contact your Account Manager to set up a reorder point for your item

  • Items with a Shortage

    • If demand is greater than the available quantity, then the part will show. These will be parts with a negative in the NET column.

How to setup and identify Key Inventory

You can customize what inventory you want to flag as a Key Item within the Items section. By flagging an item as Key Inventory, it will show up on your eFactory homepage

Step 1: Go to the Items view

Step 2: Select the item you want to designate as Key Inventory and click on the Action button in the top right corner

Step 3: Mark the item a Key Item (see below)

Latest 50 Orders

Shows the current status of the last 50 orders received.

  • ORDER # - This is the customer's order number.

  • RECEIVED – This is the date, time, and channel the order was received.

  • ORDER STAGE – This is the current stage of the order.

    • 10 – Order received

    • 20 – Picklist printed and released to the warehouse.

    • 40 – The order has been verified.

    • 50 - The order is partially shipped.

    • 60 – The order has been fully shipped.

    • 62 - The order is partially shipped and closed short.

  • SHIP TO – This is who and where the order is going to.

  • SHIPPED – This is the date and time the order shipped.

  • CARRIER – This is the shipping method and tracking number

You can click on the tracking number, and the system will open a browser to the carrier's website to see tracking information.

30 Days RMA Activity

Similar to the 30-day activity, except it will show RMA’s returned.

Graph separates Authorized(created RMA) and Received RMA’s.

How to customize the KPI Widgets and views you see in the Overview

  • Click on the dropdown next to refresh and select customize

To customize the KPI widgets or "tiles" under the Key Parameter Display section

  • The tiles displayed in the overview are under the "Key Parameter Display section." The additional ones you can use are under the section called "Available KPD"

  • To remove a tile from the Key Parameter Display section

    • Select the tile and left-click, hold down, and drag to the "Available KPD" section

    • To add a new tile, select the tile, left-click and hold, then drag to the "Available KPD section."

To customize the Information displays

  • You can also remove any of the sections like the Tile, Fulfillment, 30 Days, Inventory, Last 50 orders, and 30 Days RMA by clicking on the visible tag.

    • "On" in each section means it will show, and "Off" will mean it will not show on the overview.

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