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eFactory Orders Tab - Ship Details Section
eFactory Orders Tab - Ship Details Section

How to locate freight information & ship status. Plus status acronyms defined.

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Ship Details can be found within the Orders tab. It shows shipped orders with Freight Dollars, Package ID information and Serial number information.


This will show orders at the box level, along with tracking numbers and package ID. While most column headers are self-explanatory, some require further clarification. Please contact your Account Manager for assistance if there are any unmentioned column headers.

  • DELIVERY DATE - This is the date the order was delivered to the recipient

  • DELIVERY DAYS - Our system will calculate the days from shipment to delivery. It will exclude weekends and holidays as on those days; there is usually no movement of the order through the carrier's pipeline.

  • DELIVERY STATUS - This is the latest status of the order directly pulled from the carrier's website

  • PACKAGE # - This is the Box ID. We assign a box ID to every box that we ship. This helps identify box fees, Pick fees, and what is shipped in each box.

  • FREIGHT – This is an estimate of your shipping cost. The total cost can be found in the invoicing tab of eFactory.

  • ACTUAL WEIGHT – This is the box's weight when weighted at the manifest station.

  • INSURANCE – This value comes from the customer in the order. This is not a DCL-generated number

  • RATED WEIGHT – This is the rated weight based on actual weight or dim weight. The carriers will charge their freight fees based on the higher of the two. You can find more information on how dim weight is calculated HERE.


This gives order information at the package level or box level. Here you can see what parts actually shipped in each box.


This section is similar to the Package level, but it includes a new column for serial or lot numbers.

  • Serial/LOT# - This column will list the serial number lot number scanned at the verify station.

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