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DCL provides a variety of Kitting & Assembly services for our customers. The Assembly section can be found within the Items tab and shows all the open and completed assembly projects DCL has conducted for the seller.

  • New columns, not mentions before.

    • Build Date – This is the date we will be building the assembly job.

    • Q open – This is the qty we are building that is still left to build.

    • WO# - When we create an assembly build we will assign a WO number.

    • WO Stage – This where we are in the process of building.

      • 10 – WO was just created.

      • 30 – The account manager has added the parts list to the order.

      • 33 – The account manager has released the order to for QA check before its released to the production team.

      • 35 – QA has reviewed the order and approved it to be released to production.

      • 45 – Production has printed a list of the parts to kit to the WO

    • WO Status - Sort by open and completed projects.

    • Q Ordered – This is the qty required to build.

    • PO # - If the customer is paying via a PO for this build, their PO # will show here.

    • Planner Code – This is internal codes to help categorize part numbers- Rarely used now.

    • Planning Family - This is internal codes to help categorize part numbers- Rarely used.

    • Priority – AM’s when creating WO’s can prioritize the WO’s such as if it’s a rush build.

    • Material –TBD

    • First Article – If the WO was coded to do a First Article or a First Off- the code will show here.

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