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Item (Inventory) - Setting up or Editing a Virtual Bundle
Item (Inventory) - Setting up or Editing a Virtual Bundle

Bundles designate a group of items or components included in a single package (or “line”) on an order. How to set this up in eFactory.

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Creating a bundle will issue a single bundle number which signals to the warehouse the specific components or items that need to be picked and packed together for that particular order.

Please note: you will need to work with your Account Manager to get your item number set up in our system before you can assign the child SKU(s) to the item number.

An updated Item Catalog with all fields filled out is required in order for the new SKU to be set up properly in the DCL system.

See “Prerequisite” below for specific details.

Prerequisite: Ensure the Virtual Bundle Item Number is Setup in DCL System

The easiest way to do this is log in to eFactory and select the “Items” tab at the top of the screen. In the “ITEM #” filter field, type the item number exactly as it was entered in your Item Master that was given to your Account Manager.

If your virtual bundle Item has been setup in the DCL system, it will show up in the results page just below the field you entered. If the Item does not appear in the results, you will need to work with your Account Manager in providing an updated Item Master and confirming once it has been setup.

How to Create or Edit a Virtual Bundle in eFactory

Step 1: Locate Bundle Item in eFactory

Items > Bundles > Enter Bundle Item and click on Bundled under Bundle Type.

Step 2: Select the Bundle Item

To select an item to bundle, hover your cursor over the row that has the part number.

NOTE: Don't put your cursor directly over the part number.

Step 3: Edit the Bundle

Go to the “action” bar and click on the drop-down. Then select “Edit Bundle.”

Step 4: Add or edit your “child” SKU(s)

  • Enter your child SKU > Line Number > Qty> Save Bundle

  • To remove an SKU, change the QTY to zero

PL PRINT Dropdown - Use this drop-down to decide if you want the component part number to show up on the packing list. The default is “PRINT,” which means the component part will print on the packing list. If you select “NO PRINT,” then the component will not show on the packing list.


  • For each Child SKU, assign a unique line number. Ensure that the number of line items matches the number of Child SKUs. Whenever an SKU is added or removed, update the line numbers to maintain their sequential order.

  • In case there are any modifications made to an existing Bundle part number, kindly get in touch with your Account Manager to conduct a fit test. This is to ensure that all parts can be accommodated into a master carton, despite always using the most suitable boxes. It is highly recommended to submit a test order to confirm that we have an appropriate master carton available.

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