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How To Customize Column View

This will allow you to customize your view in eFactory to ensure you see only what is important to you with one click.

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Step by step instructions to customize the column view in eFactory to fit your preference.

Use Cases

  • To ensure your view of data is applicable to your direct needs

  • To quickly ensure export of specific pieces of data based on your custom view

Steps to Customize Column View

Step 1: Login to eFactory.

Step 2: Select the “Items" or “Orders" module that you would like to customize. All sections within the module can have a custom view.

Step 3: Click on the "All Columns" dropdown in the top right corner, this will ensure you have access to choose from all available columns.

Step 4: Select “Customize” within the drop down menu.

Step 5: Confirm the columns you want for the custom view. Once this has been decided you will be able to move the columns you desire from the AVAILABLE FIELDS (right table) to the SELECTED left table. You can adjust the minimum width (SIZE), provide a different name (ALIAS) and choose a different display position.

Once the desired view has been created, you will have the following options

  1. Save - this will allow you to replace an existing custom view

  2. Save as - this will allow you to save this as a new custom view

  3. Delete - this allows you to delete an existing customized view

  4. Cancel - this allows you to cancel the custom view before it is saved

Step 6: To save your new view you will select "save as" and name the view.

Step 7: To locate your new customized view you will use the the dropdown feature and locate it by the saved name

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