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Canceling an order

Instructions on how to cancel an inbound order

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Orders may be canceled by the customer in eFactory at given stages. Alternatively, a customer can request that a DCL representative cancel an order.

Ways to cancel an order (instructions)

How to cancel an order in eFactory

Customers have the ability to cancel or change an order in eFactory if the order is in Stage 10. You will not be charged for the cancelation or change to an order within eFactory at Stage 10.

Step one

Go to Orders and select the order you would like to be canceled. The order must be in Stage 10 as highlighted below in order for you to cancel or change the order in eFactory

Step two

Once inside the order screen, go to Actions in the top right corner, and select “Request Cancelation”. You will see a green confirmation at the bottom of the screen advising order has been canceled successfully.

How to cancel an order manually

To cancel an order after the order surpasses Stage 10, you will need to request the cancellation to the Order Administration group via your designated fulfillment email (also known as your "FF Group").

Once the order is found, the Order Administrator will confirm with you via email and the canceled order will be reflected in eFactory.

Note: Orders that are canceled manually are subject to an Order Intervention fee.

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