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How to have DCL purchase materials on your behalf
How to have DCL purchase materials on your behalf
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If you need custom boxes, bags, labels, or other materials, DCL can help you purchase them. Just reach out to your Account Manager and they will work with our purchasing department to get you the products you need. They can also provide pricing and lead time information.

What is needed to begin the process to purchase materials?

To ensure a smooth purchasing process, we require certain basic information to determine the materials needed for each purchase. Your Account Manager will commence the quotation process upon receiving this information. Please provide the following details.

  • What location should the materials be delivered to

  • Expected in-house date

  • Part number

  • Qty to purchase

  • Description of what you want to be purchased and what it will be used for

  • Size and dimensions - The more details the better

  • Provide any artwork in PDF or illustrator file

  • Can you provide any samples

How long will it take to get my materials?

Once we have all the specifications and approvals the average we have seen is 5 - 10 business days to receive the product in-house.

What can improve or delay the lead times?

  • Material shortages as our vendors can delay lead times

  • Qty needed can delay lead times

  • If first articles are needed that can delay lead times

  • Reorders lead times are quicker than brand-new orders

  • Delivery delays from the vendor to DCL


  • If ordering boxes

    • Style of box

    • The thickness of the box walls

    • Dimensions of box

    • If the box is for a master carton, please provide samples of what will be placed inside of the box.

  • If ordering stock printed on paper

    • Paper thickness

    • Type of paper

    • Folded?

    • Size of paper

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