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Inventory by Warehouse on eFactory Overview
Inventory by Warehouse on eFactory Overview

A quick view of key inventory by warehouse on the eFactory overview page

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The eFactory overview page is meant to be the initial dashboard and your eFacotory homepage. One of the best inventory management tools on this page is the "Inventory by Warehouse" section.

Use the filers to view stock levels of your most important products by facility and prompt you to order more at predefined levels.

What are the Inventory by Warehouse Filters?

In the top right corner of this section you can filter your inventory view.

Sort by:

  • Key (K)

  • Reorder(R)

  • Short parts (S)

How to Read the Inventory by Warehouse Section

  • WAREHOUSE - where your stock is stored

    • LA-ZLAC - Is the Ontario facility

    • FR-ZFRC - Is the Fremont facility on Milmont Dr.

    • FR-ZKTC - Is the Fremont facility on Kato Dr.

    • LN-ZLVC - Is the Louisville facility

    • YK-ZYKC - Is the York facility

  • ITEM # - This is your SKU or Part Number

  • Description - This is the description for your item number that was given to us via the item catalog

  • FLAGS - This is where you will see if the part number is a Key Item (K), Reorder item (R), or a short item (S)

  • ON HAND – These are physical units on hand.

  • ON HOLD – Out of the physical on hand, this is stock on hold.

  • COMM – This shows item commitments to WO’s or Sales Orders within the DCL inventory system. This is different than the shipping system.

  • PROC – When an order ships, the part number required moves from FF commitment to PROC commitment. PROC stands for in-process. After the order ships, there is no longer an FF order commitment, and there is a slight delay of no more than 5 minutes before the stock is deducted from ON HAND. The PROC commitment accounts for the stock before it is deducted from the system.

  • FF – These are units committed to Fulfillment orders. Fulfillment orders are our customer's shipping orders.

  • NET – This is the net available. It subtracts ON HOLD, COMM, PROC, and FF from the ON HAND to arrive at the customer's net available stock.

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