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How to Generate an ASN eFactory

Generate ASN’s through eFactory for notification and receipt of inbound goods.

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Step 1: Navigate to the PO Notification Page in eFactory

Select the “Items” tab at the top of your eFactory portal. Then expand the “Receipts” drop-down and click the “PO Notifications (ASN)” option as highlighted below.

Step 2: Complete ASN Header Detail

Fill out the ASN header detail with the Account number*, Reference Transaction number* and Customer PO as this will be required to fill out the item detail.

The Account number is typically the very first available account number for single site accounts and the B2C account number for multi site accounts. You will also need to update the order date and expected date. The expected date must be the date you complete the request or future, the system will not allow a past date to be entered.

*When choosing the account please also ensure you’re choosing the correct warehouse location.

*Please note for each ASN submission the transaction number must be unique (it cannot be used multiple times)

Step 3: Complete ASN Item Detail

In the top left area of the item detail field, type either the exact item number you wish to order or a variation to search by.

Exact terms should bring the item up to complete the quantity requested as seen here. Make sure to hit the check mark once you’ve entered the required/expected amount.

Alternately, you can enter a variation of an item number in the search field and get the following screen that will allow you to manually scroll or filter via search again:

Once you’ve identified the item(s) in the list you wish to add, update the quantity expected and selected the “Add to Order” button at the bottom to add the item(s) to the ASN Item Detail.

Step 4: Review the Content of the ASN and Post

At this point you may edit the quantities if you find issue with the entries made and remove an entry that was made in error.

Once you’ve confirmed all details, you must select the “Send PO Notification” to complete the process.

Step 5: Confirm Entry/ASN#

Final step is to confirm your work and the ASN#/DCL PO.

You can find this is the “Receiving” tool located on the left hand side of the Item’s tab. Change the “Status” filter at the top to show “To Receive” and then review the details to confirm entry and DCL PO number as highlighted below.


After creating an ASN, you can only modify the expected date or cancel the ASN via eFactory. However, to make any alterations to individual line items, kindly reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

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