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How to create an ASN through DCL's API
How to create an ASN through DCL's API

How to post an ASN directly through DCL's API to have multiple part numbers or the same part number arrive on different days.

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We require advance notification of the expected shipment through an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) for any incoming consigned stock. You can submit the notification either through eFactory or through the API. This article will help you with the API. For eFactory, please refer to the following article.

To submit an ASN through DCL's API, you must add a delivery date at the header and line levels. Adding a delivery date at the line level allows you to have multiple parts or even the same part number arrive on different days.

📌 This function is not available if you manually create the ASN in eFactory.

Examples: when is this useful?

  • You have a single PO with different delivery dates for the items within the PO. You can create one ASN and add different dates for each part to arrive. For example, Part A will arrive on 10/22/22, Part B will arrive on 10/26/22, Part C will arrive on 11/1, etc.

  • You have the same part number on the same PO but arrives in batches on different days. For example, they ordered 5k units from your manufacturer. 1K units will arrive on Nov 1, 2022; 3K units will arrive on Dec 1, 2022; and the final 1k will arrive on Jan 1, 2023.

Steps to Submit an ASN Through DCL's API

  1. To create an ASN via the API, first find the API Help area known as PO notifications: POST api/v1/po_notifications

  2. Enter each specific part number, quantity, and delivery date information at the line level. Post_api/v1/po_notification_line

    📌 The delivery date at the line level will supersede the delivery date at the PO level

  3. The line-level API will give you the fields that need to come over in the API.

    The field named “expected_delivery_date” allows the addition of the delivery date when the part number is expected to arrive at DCL.

The JSON will look like this.

Can I make changes to an existing ASN through the API?

You can change an ASN only to the delivery date at the header level. So, if all the lines on an ASN are being delivered on the same day, you can change the delivery date at the header level. Please see the following link here on how to change the delivery date via the API.

If you need to change the date on an individual line level, you must contact your account manager to make the change.

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