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How to Find Your Monthly Fulfillment Invoices
How to Find Your Monthly Fulfillment Invoices

Locating your DCL fulfillment fees in eFactory.

Written by DCL Support
Updated over a week ago

Before locating your fulfillment invoice, note that is necessary to have administrator access in eFactory. If you do not have this, please contact the person at your company who has administrator access and manages eFactory users.

What is Included in My Monthly Fulfillment Invoice?

You will be billed monthly by DCL for Fulfillment fees. This may include order fees, pick fees, storage fees, labor fees, and box fees. These invoices will be emailed to your accounting department, and a copy will be stored in eFactory with detailed backup information.

It's important to note that your freight fees will be charged twice a month. The first half will be billed separately, and the second half will be included in the Fulfillment fee invoice.

Where do I find a copy of the invoice in eFactory?

  1. Log in to eFactory.

  2. Select Administrator Tasks.

  3. Select invoices on the left navigation panel.

  4. Once you select invoices, you will see four choices. Select the type of invoice you wish to view.

Here is a description of these four options.

  • Open — Your open invoices that have not been paid yet.

  • All — Your invoices, both open and paid. The default is the last 90 days but you can adjust the date range.

  • Freight Charges — Your freight charges. You can find more information about them here.

  • Rate cards — These are the discounts you have for the carrier services we offer you. You can find more information here.

How to I view my invoice or the detailed back up?

The invoice will display a PDF icon for the summary and an Excel icon for the detailed breakdown.

Simply click on the icon of your choice to view and download it.

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