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How to Manually Enter Orders Using OrderPoints
How to Manually Enter Orders Using OrderPoints

Use OrderPoints within eFactory to manually enter orders you want DCL to fulfill.

Written by Maureen
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Step 1:

Log into eFactory - click on OrderPoints

Step 2:

Enter the required information in red.


Step 3:

Click on the “BROWSE ITEMS” button.

A list of all your part numbers will come up.

  • Find the items needed for your order and the quantity.

  • Unit price is only needed if the shipment is going international.

  • When done, click on the red “ADD TO ORDER” Button

Step 4:

Click on Edit on the shipping tab to add the shipping information, then save it.

Step 5:

Review your information to make sure everything is correct. (Note, these orders will drop based on zip code for shared accounts, if you do not manually select the warehouse).

Step 6:

Click on Place Order. If no issues, order will be created successfully.

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