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How to find receiving documents in eFactory
How to find receiving documents in eFactory
Written by DCL Support
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Use Cases

  • To view the packing lists that came with incoming stock

  • To download Signed PODs from incoming stock to DCL

  • To Verify physical receipts against the packing list

How to find and download your receiving documents

  1. Log into eFactory Under the "Services" tab, select "Documents."

  2. On the left side of the screen, select "Material Receipts."

  3. You will see the receipt documents broken down by year or month. Select the appropriate year or month. If the folder is by year, there will be sub-folders broken down by month.

  4. Select the appropriate receiving document with the date as the file name and then click on the drop-down symbol, which will give you a choice of actions.

  5. Delete - This will delete the BOL from our records

  6. Rename - This will rename the file to your choosing

  7. Move to - You can move the file to a different folder

  8. Export to Zip - You can export the file

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