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eFactory Orders Tab - Orders Section
eFactory Orders Tab - Orders Section
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Under the Orders tab, there is a section called Orders which provides header information about the destination and service level of the order. However, it does not display details about the product being shipped. To view this information, you will need to navigate to the Order Lines section.

How are orders separated within the Orders section?

Within the Order Tab, we organize orders into different categories, such as open orders, on-hold orders, back orders, pre-release orders, shipped orders, canceled orders, and an unsorted section.


These are orders that have not shipped yet. Here your will be able to see information like the order stage, where it is going, how we are shipping the orders, and what carrier service the order is shipping.

On Hold

These orders are flagged in the system not to ship. Orders can come to us with a hold flag or be placed on hold by the customer or DCL.

Back Orders

These are orders that we don't have enough product to ship. Within the orders section, you cannot see what part numbers are short. You can go to the order lines section to be able to view the shortages.


As a value-added service, we have the capability to conduct pre-release checks on orders. One example of the checks that could be necessary is address validation. To find out if we can provide this service and if there will be any additional fees, please get in touch with your Account Manager.


You can view shipped orders here. You will also see additional columns that are not present in the other sections. Those are Delivery Date, Delivery Days, and Delivery Status.

  • Delivery Date - This is the date the order was delivered to the recipient

  • Delivery Days - Our system will calculate the number of days it took from shipment to delivery. It will exclude weekends and holidays as on those days there is usually no movement of the order through the carrier's pipeline.

  • Delivery Status - This is the latest status of the order directly pulled from the carrier's website

    • Order Tracking Number - This is the unique tracking number provided by the carrier. The order tracking number has a hyperlink to the carrier shipping detail page.


We will list orders canceled by the customer or DCL.


This will show all the above.

Other Sections within Orders

A lot of the columns are self-explanatory but here is a breakdown of the other sections and their descriptions.

  • BLANK COLUMN – This shows what channel the order came from.

  • RECEIPT DATE – This shows the date and time we received the order in our system.

  • ORDER STAGE – Current stage of orders

    • 10 – Order received – No action has taken place yet at this order level. At this stage, you can make edits to the order.

    • 20 – Picklist printed. At this stage, the picklist for the order has been printed, and the warehouse is working on this order. Please reach out to your order FF group email to make any changes.

    • 40 – The order has been verified. At this stage, the distribution team has scanned each part into a box. Please reach out to your order FF group email to make any changes.

    • 60 – The order has shipped through our system. Actual physical pick-up can be later in the day.

  • PO Number - This number comes in the PO field of the order information. This is not a DCL generated numbed.

  • SHIP DATE – This will be blank since you are looking at Open orders. You can select the Ship section in order to see orders that have shipped and will have a ship date. You will also see the column populated under the ALL section.

  • CUSTOMER NUMBER - This comes from the customer number field in the order. This is not a DCL-generated number.

  • CHANNEL – This is the digital way we got the order. E-commerce, API, EDI, etc.

  • ORDER STATUS – This is one of three stages – Normal, Rush, or on Hold.

    • Normal - DCL will process these orders based on the established cut-off times.

    • Rush - These orders received after cut-off need to ship the same day. Orders that come over rush after the cut-off are not guaranteed to ship the same day, but we will make every effort to get it out.

    • Hold - These orders will be placed on hold and will not be shipped or processed in any way.

  • CUSTOM FIELDS – These are optional fields that are available for you to use to help sort your order information. The DCL operations team will not see any information in these fields.

  • FRT ACT. – This is an abbreviation for freight account. Who pays the freight to the carriers

    • 00500 – DCL

    • Collect

    • Third-party

  • CONS. # - If billing Collect or Third Party, you will need to send the freight account number to bill against. That number will appear here.

  • ORDER DATE – This date comes over in the order date filed. Typically, it is the date your customer created the order in your system, not a DCL-generated date.

  • DAYS SINCE SHIPMENT – This is at the end of the columns – this list the days that have passed since the order has shipped. Some customer uses this to determine warranty days. Whereby the warranty starts from the day we shipped the order. This is only after the order ship.

  • RS Tracking number. If a return service (RS) is used, the tracking number of the physical return label printed on the line is displayed here once the order has shipped.

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