Changing an order

Changing an order once it's received by DCL

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Once an order is received by DCL, you have the ability to make changes to the orders within eFactory before it reaches a certain fulfillment stage.

What can be changed in eFactory?

  • Put an order on hold

  • Request for an order to be canceled

  • Edit the order, including the address or items in the order

What do you need to know?

  • Changes to the order in eFactory can only happen at the first stage of the fulfillment process, also known as Stage 10. You can reference the different order stages in the Order Stage Definition article.

  • Orders at Stage 20+ require manual intervention. Contact your Order Administrator for assistance.

Instructions to make changes to orders

Step 1: Go to the Orders section in eFactory

Find the order you want to change within the Order section in eFactory. In order to make any changes within eFactory, the order has to be in Stage 10 which is highlighted below.

Step 2: Open the order to reveal the order details

You can navigate to the details of the order through the Orders pages or from other sections within eFactory

Step 3: Click on the Action button

The action button can be found in the top right-hand corner of the order details pages which provides you with a list of options to choose from.

Change options

Putting an order on hold

Once you put an order on hold, it will stay on hold until you release the order. Orders on hold can be found in the On Hold section within Orders and individual orders will be denoted with a On Hold tag highlighted in red.

Request an order to be canceled

Once an order is canceled, it will show up in the canceled orders section within orders.

Edit order, including address or item change

When editing an existing order, you have the ability to:

  • Change the name and address

  • Add and/or remove items

  • Change the shipping method

  • Add special shipping instructions - these instructions are for the DCL Order Administration team

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