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Split Shipping - How to transfer orders between sites
Split Shipping - How to transfer orders between sites
Written by DCL Support
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If your account is set up for split shipping, where our system determines the shipping location based on inventory or zip code, you can transfer the order to a different location.

How do I transfer my order to a different location?

To transfer your order, it's necessary to have already arranged for either an Inventory split ship or a Zip code split ship. If you haven't set this up yet but are interested, please get in touch with your account manager for assistance.

  1. To access your order, kindly log in to eFactory and locate your order number. Hover your cursor over the number and click on it for further details. NOTE: Only orders that are stage 10 can be transferred. You will need to contact your Account Manager for any order past stage 10

  2. Select the action button and choose "Warehouse Transfer"

  3. To transfer the order, kindly choose the warehouse and hit the submit button. Once completed, your task is finished.


  1. You can only transfer an entire order. We cannot transfer partial orders where part of the order is in one location and part is in another location.

  2. Your account must already be set up as a split by inventory or split by zip code

  3. You can only transfer orders at stage 10

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