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How to Receive eFactory Alerts and Notifications
How to Receive eFactory Alerts and Notifications

Make sure you're getting important updates that may impact your business. Look for notifications & alerts in eFactory.

Written by Maureen
Updated over a week ago

To provide you with the resources you need to optimize your business, the DCL team sends occasional alerts and notifications through eFactory.

This article includes:

  • What information to expect via eFactory alerts

  • Where to find eFactory notifications

  • How to receiving important information that may impact your business

Where do eFactory Notifications Appear?

At the bottom right corner of your eFactory screen you'll see a small blue icon. When there are notifications to review a small red dot will appear attached to the icon.

Click on the blue icon to review the message.

If you're looking for further information, you can use the search field that is visible after you've clicked on the blue icon.

Click on the section that says "Search for help"

You'll see a search field to enter topics you want assistance with. Our support site contains lots of information on general industry knowledge and DCL services.

What Information is Sent Through eFactory Alerts?

We send infrequent messages through the eFactory platform. They are only the most important updates that we believe you need to know.

These may include:

  • Weather systems that affect shipping

  • Peak season resources

  • Planned system maintenance

  • Updates to DCL services

  • New eFactory features and capabilities

  • Holiday schedule updates

Do I have to Sign Up for eFactory Alerts?

No. All eFactory users will be sent these alerts.

You may need to refresh your eFactory screen occasionally to ensure you will see new updates. If you aren't receiving eFactory notifications, log out and log back in.

How do I Use the eFactory Chat Function?

If you don't see what you're looking for upon opening the chat icon or alert notification, we have enabled a chat bot to help you navigate the support site documentation.

Pull open the information finder by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom corner. It will look like this once opened.

Click on "Ask a question" to search for topics. The chat bot will look like this.

The topics included in our support site include guides on eFactory capabilities, DCL services, and general industry information.

Ask our chat bot any general questions you have about using eFactory or DCL services. If you have questions about specific orders, those will need to be directed to the appropriate internal team. See our guide to DCL email aliases to better assess where to direct those questions.

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